1. Going to answer these all in one post. 4 more days! :D

    30 Day Long Distance Relationship Challenge ♥ 

    Long Distance Relationship 30 Day Challenge

    Day 1: Your Name/Their Name

    Day 2: Your age/Their Age

    Day 3: Your locations
    Fresno, CA ….. Clio, MI 

    Day 4: How did you meet? 
    One amazing night on Steam, we met through some friends and eventually fell in love  

    Day 5: Since when have you been together?
    Since Jan 26th 2011 

    Day 6: What is the most random thing you know about him/her? and vice versa 
    Random fact about him is that if I watch him on webcam and he’s playing a game, he will slowly lean closer and closer into the computer screen. lol Random fact about me? uhm….I don’t know how to do the running man dance…well…I do but only when I’m drunk.

    Day 7: How do you communicate with each other?
    Skype. Oovoo, phone, text and steam chat 

    Day 8: Favorite thing you’ve given him/her?
    I gave him a shirt that I had worn a bit and he smells it daily (its in a ziplock bag to hold my scent) 

    Day 9: Favorite thing she/he has given you? 
    I will get it when I go in 4 days and that is a cute white teddy bear (Mr. White) 

    Day 10: Favorite thing about him/her?
    I love his laugh and how when he’s truely sincere and tells me he loves me, I can feel it. 

    Day 11: Pick one thing you miss (I know there are 19238923842039402394 things) and describe it in detail. 
    I miss how we used to constantly need to talk to each other but at the same time, I don’t. I love how we’ve adapted to become a more intense relationship yet not need as much time on the phone or anything. We know that we’re both thinking about each other. It’s a mature and secure feeling. 

    Day 12: How would you define love? 
    I fell in love with him because no one else could ever make me fall this hard…. 

    Day 13: What do you think is the hardest thing about distance? 
    Lack of affection. Lack of hugs when you feel sad. Lack of sex when you’re both so turned on. Lack of kisses on your forehead when you feel sick. 

    Day 14: Describe a moment you had with him/her last time you were together. (If you haven’t met, describe how the perfect moment would be)
    He’s going to pick me up at the airport and we’re totally going to have a hollywood kiss.  

    Day 15: Favorite love (LDR or not) song? 
    Letters Home - Childish gambino (Semi love song)

    Day 16: Favorite love (LDR or not) movie? 
    Going the Distance. 

    Day 17: Favorite love (LDR or not) quote? 
    Love doesn’t have a zipcode 

    Day 18: Post a picture of the two of you together. (If you don’t have one, post a picture of something you can/could relate to). 

    Day 19: I know there’s not one thing, but choose one of your favorite things to hear her/him say. 
    ”But Honey, you only had to pick up for a minute. I just wanted to tell you I love you” - on my voicemail

    Day 20: Is there something you regret? (either about the relationship or something you have done)
    So far….nothing

    Day 21: Give us a little insight (as much as you’re comfortable) on your sex life (either with this person physically, or your general history, or over the phone ha, whatever you want)
    Well….between us….we get freaky with visuals. :p 

    Day 22: Share something cute. (A story, something either of you have done, a song, memory, wish, dream).
    When we first started talking he would sleep on the floor just so that we could fall asleep together. Mind be, he has a messed up back….so this was so sweet. He gave up his queen sized comfy bed for me. 

    Day 23: Do you have a song? Which one is it? (If you don’t, then what is something that always reminds you of him/her)? 
    Everything reminds me of him…. 

    Day 24: Describe him/her physically and emotionally/personality-wise. 
    he’s 5’11 or 6 ft. he’s sweet to me….completely free in his own way.  

    Day 25: One thing that he/she does that pisses you off (even if that smile will get you every time)? 
    When he says “I don’t mean to be a dick or anything but….” 

    Day 26: Sweetest thing he/she has done for you.
    He made his user name on oovoo have my name in it. 

     Day 27: If you had the money/time/connections/whatever to get him/her any gift in the world, what would it be? (ANY) gift?
    Our own house. 

    Day 28: If you could have him/her with you physically for the next 5 hours, what would you do?
    cuddle. sexy time. eat. cuddles. and sleep til he disappeared.  

    Day 29: When will you see her/him next?
    in 4 days! :D 

    Day 30: Where do you see your future going with him/her?
    It’s definitely going somewhere…